Well, after two long flights, a couple car rides, and a train ride later, I am at Sri Ram Ashram! It’s hard to believe I’m here, I’ve only spent the last two years planning this trip. I’m a bit jet lagged seeing as I have only slept maybe 6 hours hours in the past two days. Everyone here keeps telling me that it’s really cold. I just chuckle because there is no snow on the ground and I can walk around without a coat, gloves, and mittens on.

I’m very excited to start learning about daily life at the Ashram and the children’s’ daily routine. Tomorrow morning will start at 6am with tea and prayer. I didn’t know this trip would prepare me for teaching so well, maybe I’ll finally be a morning person.

My first day in India felt oddly familiar. It was surprising that I could recognize much of New Delhi and Haridwar from my visit two years ago. I didn’t miss the crazy driving, it’s about as loud as New York City with all of the honking, but it could honestly matter less which side of the road you drive on. It only matters if you can pass the person in front of you.

I am still a bit in a bit of a haze. I can’t believe I’m actually here and that I decided to take this crazy journey on my own. Sometimes I think I tell myself I’m braver than I actually am. This is both good and bad. I believe it is good in this case because if I didn’t have the determination to take this leap of faith, I don’t think I would learn half as much as I know I will learn in my month-long stay here. I have no definite plans, and as Dr. Looney always says, it’s India. Unlike my usual hyper-organized self, India is different, and I’m going to experience it one step at a time. I’m so excited to create art with the children and get to know each and every one of them. My mom always says children are the best teachers, and I think the children here, who have already welcomed me with open arms, will teach me much more than I can imagine. Thank you for all the well-wishes and support, it truly means the world to me, I don’t think I would be able to take this journey without it.



4 thoughts on “Determination”

  1. Good luck, Aimeé. I literally get chills thinking back to my time in India. I am so grateful for the experience. I pray for blessings and safety as you experience (for the second time) a place that has become such an integral part of my search in making sense of this crazy thing we call life.


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