The Things You Can Learn From a Lizard in India…

Living in India has taught me many things. I’ve picked up a few of the mannerisms, but most importantly I’ve learned about myself and how to really get out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure why I’m about to tell you about this, but here goes…

I’ve had an ongoing battle with a lizard that really likes to come in my room. Do I sound crazy yet? Today was our first encounter in a week. Each time this happens I can’t help but to laugh. We met on my first night here and he was scared by a broom. I promise he was never hit. He’s very persistent…four weeks later and he still attempts to come inside.

I’ve learned to carefully open my screen door, check for the lizard, quickly unlock my door, then run out. This is completely irrational, I know, but every time I open my door the lizard tries to get in. Sometimes he’s hiding on the corner of the doorframe ready to come in, other times I’ll see his shadow as he runs past the door right before I open it. I avoid doing my laundry because it means I have do to deal with him out on the balcony, also because it takes clothing approximately five days to dry if it is not sunny. Don’t judge me.

As silly as this all sounds, my battle with this little lizard today reminded me about the importance of going out of my comfort zone and being persistent. I also really like metaphors so bear with me here. Whether it’s a balcony with a persistent lizard or a different country full of new people and friends, I’ve been dragged out of my comfort zone and I’m glad. It takes a lot for me to come out of my shell and to feel at ease. I’ve become so comfortable here, even with my little lizard, and going home in four days is a bittersweet thought.

I’ve learned where I fit in here and how I learn best. I can navigate my way through an Aarti ceremony, understand a tiny bit of Hindi, make people laugh, cheer up an upset child, and bust out some Bollywood dance moves. I taught baby Aadi how to say “uh oh” and he gives me puppies (kisses), so mission accomplished. I’m really going to miss my sisters and brothers here at SRA and I am so grateful for everything they have taught me. I am thankful that I’ve persevered even if I’m a little scared of the little lizard outside my door.

In the midst of preparing for Bachendra Bhai’s wedding reception, we did a promo video for Crossfit.

Congratulations Bachendra and Deepti!




This was two full days of decorating…it was the most beautiful and heartfelt wedding reception ever 🙂

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever…study hall time and someone was not studying…

Beautiful Ganga Aarti in Haridwar


3 thoughts on “The Things You Can Learn From a Lizard in India…”

  1. Hilarious! Battle between you and the lizard! The comparison between the lizard and being in India is a clever metaphor. You’re out of your comfort zone and yet you are overcoming the obstacles! Yet another well written and enticing blog!


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